My name is Iryna Bidašová. As my name already suggests, I come from Ukraine. I have been living in the Czech Republic since 1997, and after graduating in Ostrava, I moved to the wonderful Pilsen!

I am a mother, passionate biker, amateur dancer, entrepreneur and traveler. My life is full of different roles and activities, and that's exactly what fills me up and energizes me. The connection of these interests is also reflected in my photographic work. Sometimes I take portraits in the studio, then motorbikes from the trunk of the car, sometimes I straighten the furniture in a hotel room and then I go out into the world and capture life there.

A complete overview of my services and portfolio can be found on the website:


   I am a photographer with a sense of beauty and simplicity. I want to capture the atmosphere, movement, real faces, smiles and emotions in the photos. Therefore, do not look for props, disguises or decorations in my studio. I approach each photo shoot individually - everything is agreed with the client in advance either in person or by phone. I like unusual photography. There are no limits to interesting ideas, whether it's portrait photos, promo photos or photos just for fun.

Through my love of motorbikes, in 2013 I became a co-founder of the women's biker association BikerCats (, where together with my fellows, we photograph charity calendars every year, and the money from their sale are used to help those in need in the Pilsen Region.

I love portrait photography, but I also love traveling around the world with my camera in hand and capturing life there. Thanks to this, a large collection of landscape photographs was created, which I exhibit or offer for sale on my Facebook profile.


REAL ESTATE, INTERIOR and DESIGNERS - ideal for real estate agencies, architects, designers, development and construction companies.

MOTORCYCLE - are you a biker? Cool! I have 10 years of experience in photographing motorbikes thanks to cooperation on the BikerCats charity calendar ( I am a biker in body and soul!

BUSINESS / BRAND - Business portraits, work team and promotional photos for various industries - whether you are a fitness trainer, educator, couch, musician, presenter, doctor, businessman, tater, etc.

DANCE / SPORTS – whether you do anything professionally or are an amateur, I will help capture movement, passion and love for dance and sports in a photo.

PORTRAIT – solo, couple, pregnancy, family photography.


Interiors & Reality & Business –

Portrait & Dance & Motorcycles –


I hold an OPEN A1/A3 category drone driver's license. I completed remote control pilot training in the same category. I use the drone to photograph real estate, but it has a much wider range of uses.

It doesn't matter which style you choose, I guarantee an individual approach and professional services. I believe that together we can create something great!

I was marginally involved in graphics the whole time I was taking photos, but only during the covid period I did intensively start designing promotional materials, logos, books, textbooks, board games and web designs.

My work fulfills me, so I would like to offer you a solution to the call:

- photographing

– editing / retouching

– graphic design of printed materials / online advertisements

– printing of promotional materials

– ordering and setting up hosting, domain and e-mails

– graphic design of the website

The StartUp 4-in-1 package is ideal for start-up companies: you will find logo design, photography, promotion and print design, and web design design. If you need a part of the package, then it's no problem to create a customized offer upon your request!

I have my own studio in Pilsen, but I take photos all over the Czech Republic and I am free to travel worldwide.

Knowledge of languages: CZ, RU, UA, ENG

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information or consultation.

I look forward to further cooperation!