My name is Iryna Bidašová. As my name suggests, I came from Ukraine. I have been living in the Czech Republic since 1997, and after graduating in Ostrava, I landed in the wonderful Pilsen!

I am a loving mother of two, passionate biker, businesswoman and traveler. My other passion, which recharges me, is photography, and through my photos I want to give you a piece of my life energy.

Through my love of motorcycles, I became a co-founder of the women's motorcycle association BikerCats ( in 2013, we photoshoot charity calendars every year since 2013, and the proceeds from sale are then used to help those in need (mostly children) in the Pilsen region.

A complete overview of my services and portfolio can be found on the website:


     I am a photographer with a sense of beauty and simplicity. I want to capture the atmosphere, movement, real faces, smiles and emotions in the photos. Therefore, do not look for props, disguises or decorations in my studio. I approach each photo shoot individually - everything is agreed with the client in advance either in person or by phone. I like unusual photography. There are no limits to interesting ideas, whether it's portrait photos, promo photos or photos just for fun.

     I love portrait photography, but I also love traveling around the world with my camera in hand and capturing life there. As a result, a large collection of landscape photographs was created, which I exhibit or offer for sale on my Facebook profile.

     The advice for the photographer is: "Find your own style, by which others will recognize you". Even after 10 years, I'm still in the search phase. Sometimes I take pictures from the trunk of the car, other times I walk with a family in the park or light them in the studio. Then I wander again in nature or straighten the furniture in the hotel room. There are simply more styles that I enjoy, so why stick to The One when I can enjoy the variety that my profession offers me.

     I want to offer a complete package of services to my clients, so I expanded my activities as a graphic designer. Over the  years, I gained experience designing logotypes, books, textbooks, magazines, promotional materials, and even had the honor of designing fairytale book and a board game about dinosaurs ( I am no stranger to web design, so I will be happy to design a web presentation for you. I work on Wordpress,, platforms. It depends on your ideas and budget.

Baliček StartUp 4v1  je ideální pro začínající podnikatele a firmy: najdete v něm návrh logotypu, fotografování, návrh propagace a tiskovin a návrh webdesignu. Pokud potřebujete jen zlomek balíku pak není problém vytvořit 

The StartUp 4-in-1 package is ideal for start-up companies: you will find logo design, photography, promotion and print design, and web design design. If you need a part of the package, then it's no problem to create a customized offer upon your request!

I have my own studio in Pilsen, but I take photos all over the Czech Republic and I am free to travel worldwide.

Knowledge of languages: CZ, RU, UA, ENG, DE