1. How can I book a photoshoot?

send me an e-mail:, or make a call +420 608 780 064, or by filling out the request form on the home page of I will reply within 24 hours upon receipt.

2. What is the price of your services?

The price is individual. It depends on the size of the object, the required total number of images and the way the photo is used.

It is better to contact me and agree on everything.

3. How long will it take to receive my photos?

The postprocessing time is three working days. If you are in a hurry to get the photos, it is possible to arrange earlier processing. This service is subject to a fee.

4. Can you film our object?

I'm not a videographer, but I can can film and edit a short video about your object. But if you need a specialized video, a dron view, etc., I can recommend someone.

5. Do we have to prepare the object in any special way ?

YES! If the object is ready, cleared / cleaned, then the whole process will be very fast. Each client will receive a CHECK LIST from me - a list of things and recommendations on how to prepare the object for photography. We will agree on everything in advance.

6. How long does your work last?

The shooting time depends on many factors such as the size of the object, the number of final photos and, last but not least, the readiness of the object. During the processing of the offer, I can estimate the working time for you.

7. Do you charge travel expenses?

I offer my services all over the Czech Republic. The fee for each kilometer driven is CZK 7. My starting point is my photography studio in Pilsen. I do not charge travel costs within Pilsen.